Ken Kilian Live music performances of all types are what make life interesting, and that certainly is what Ken Kilian Musical Services is all about. Music with a few horns, or lots and lots of horns, wedding ceremonies, grand openings, bar mitzvahs, 25th Anniversaries, etc. It makes no difference what event the various groups are playing, the bottom line is to produce great live music to fit the occasion. Ken says, "It has been a great 29 years, and it seems that we've left a trail of very happy customers."

Ken has been playing the saxophone for over 40 years and the flute and clarinet came shortly thereafter. He has played with lots of different groups during his career. "It's been a great time performing live music with different bands, but it's even more rewarding when the performance is with my own groups . . . just knowing that our live performances are making lots of people happy is a great feeling!"