Matter's Ballroom
Selected as First Charter Inductee into
"Iowa Rock N Roll Hall of Fame"

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Selection of Charter Inductees was based on "...all those whose dedication and contributions had an impact, influence and brought lasting fame to Rock and Roll Music with the State of Iowa..."

Induction ceremonies were held at the New Roof Garden Ballroom in Lake Okoboji, Iowa, on Sunday, August, 31, 1997.

Accepting the first Induction Award in the photo below is John Matter, along with his wife, Suzanne, and youngest daughter, Jennifer.

Others selected to the Hall of Fame:
   The Fendermen
   Dale & The Devon Aires
   Dee Jay & The Runaways
   The Velaires
   The Escorts
   The Dentairs
   The Roof Garden Ballroom & Darlowe Oleson
   KIOA Radio
   Dick Youngs & Peter McLain

From the mid 50's to the mid 60's Matter's Ballroom hosted performances from over 80 National Recording Artists. Live stage acts along with with 'record hops' attracted crowds from the tri-state area.

Gene Vincent was the first of a long line of rock 'n' roll artists to appear at Matter's Ballroom. The photos below of Gene Vincent were taken at Matter's Ballroom on August 9, 1957.